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Scene 1: London
The King is enjoying the Restoration in full swing at a ball [THE DANCE]. Daniel is at court and is not best pleased with what he sees.

Scene 2: The hills/Daniel’s Quarters
In the hills James is on lookout when Meg arrives and they catchup with all that’s going on. Meg leaves to meet Daniel in his quarters [THE LAST TIME I SAW YOU]. Meg grows tired of the tension between them all and so takes Daniel to the hills. John is furious with her and forces her to choose between the Covenanters and Daniel [IN MY HEART]. There follows a montage where we see Daniel and the soldiers carrying out the king’s orders. Meg is witness to the brutal side of Daniel.

Scene 3 : Grassmarket in Edinburgh
A crowd is gathering in the Grassmarket. James challenges the people gathering in response to the Kings edicts. [FAITH IS STRONG/BLUDE RED] He fires up the men and women listening to stand up for what they believe in and to sign the Covenant. Daniel moves in to arrest James but John confronts him [MY TIME WILL COME].  However, John is unable to stand up for James and Daniel takes James to the prison.

Scene 4: London
At Court the King is reading the latest report from Maitland and he muses on how he has to live two lives [I PRAY IN PRIVATE]

Scene 5: Edinburgh Gaol
James is in jail and is visited by John. James passes on the mantle to John. [FAITH IS STRONG REPRISE] John promises to carry on the fight. Daniel sees Meg at the hanging and tries to persuade her to leave but she refuses. As James is taken out to the scaffold, John suddenly draws his sword and frees James. Daniel challenges Meg, did she know of the plot? They have an argument and break off their relationship

Scene 6: The Hills
Meg, John and Isabel are attending a meeting [A NEW WORLD/THE GATHERING]. Meg tries to make her peace with them and Isabel encourages John to forgive. Isabel tells John that she is pregnant. The women leave for safety. Meg gives Isabel the red ribbon that Daniel had given her as a love token – she has no use for it now. The women sing of their commitment to keep going through the persecutions [I WOULD RATHER GIVE MY LIFE]. As Meg leaves Isabel to go to her home, she is arrested by some soldiers who discover her Bible. She is taken to Daniel. Meg pleads with him for mercy but Maitland is standing by to ensure the law is carried out. When he discovers the two were a couple, he issues an ultimatum to Daniel – the King or the whore? Meg is taken to the river and drowned. Daniel is devastated and vows revenge on all Covenanters. There will be no more mercy [MEG’S DEATH/DANIEL’S REVENGE]

Scene 7: John Brown’s home
John and Isabel are at home. Daniel arrives with soldiers and drags John outside, blaming him for Meg’s death [JOHN’S ARREST] Isabel pleads for John’s life but he is at peace and submits to what will be. He kneels before Daniel who shoots him. Daniel leaves and Isabel is left mourning after she confronts Daniel who is visibly shaken by that.  [A MOMENT LIKE THIS]

Scene 8: London
Daniel returns to the King and challenges him but the King denies the Covenant and turns his back on Daniel who realises he has been used and betrayed.

Scene 9: James’s home in Edinburgh
James is at home writing pamphlets. Isabel comes in and encourages him. Suddenly Maitland bursts in and arrests James for the second and final time. Isabel is left to consider her actions [I WOULD RATHER GIVE MY LIFE REPRISE]. Cross to -

Scene 10: Daniel’s Quarters
Daniel is alone unsure of what he believes in anymore. Isabel risks all to visit him. She challenges Daniel to consider all he has done and encourages him to stand up for what is in his heart. There is power in forgiveness and against all he expects of her, she forgives him. She gives him Meg’s ribbon as she leaves. Daniel has to consider what he must do [MY HOUR OF NEED]. Scene crosses to -

Daniel visits James in jail trying to understand why they sacrifice their homes, families and even lives for what they believe in [FAITH IS STRONG REPRISE]. James challenges Daniel to stand up for what he really believes in and to see a better world, a better future ahead where one man can make a difference with words and not with the sword.  James is taken out to the scaffold as Daniel watches where finally he takes a stand and promises that their voices will live on. [WHISPERS IN THE DAWN/BLUDE RED REPRISE]




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